Tourist Unknown is a weekly webcomic and continuing comic series. It follows the various adventures of the Tourist, a woman trapped in a machine known as The Projector. This device sends her consciousness anywhere across the whole of space time, and then constructs a body made of unused local matter for her to inhabit. And it’s broken. Or set to shuffle. The Tourist isn’t really sure. Suffice to say she has no control of where she is going, nor how long she’ll be there. It’s a big universe and she is seeing it all one trip at a time.



Born and raised on a goat farm on top a mountain, Gustav Carlson spent his days naming an increasing number of goats Gruff. Partially in fear of bridge trolls that run rampant in the hills, but mostly because it adequately described most the goats he knew. Since then the trolls have gone extinct, and the goats Gruff are in his past. To fill that constant void, he now works as a freelance illustrator and draws comics.

You can contact him here.