Howdy from the Ozarks once again. Got a big week up here on Tourist Unknown and figured I’d lay it out a bit! The Gift Store is gunna be having a big launch of several new products this Wednesday! Not next Wednesday, or a week from next Wednesday, but this very Wednesday.

First up, Tourist Unknown: En Route!

This is a 68 page print collection of all of the En Route comics that were published between the newspapers, here, and my patreon. It’s certainly the tallest book I’ve made, and I’m pretty damn proud of it. When working on a series like Tourist you scrawl out every single idea you ever come across. As these things go, only a handful ever come to fruition as a full 20-40 page story. Now, that doesn’t mean those other ideas go away. They usually linger, still quietly demanding the attention of the subconscious. So En Route became a book to exorcise all the scenes and pitches that never left my head but also never became a full book. Turns out though many of them make a sturdy one to two page comic. So damnit, that’s what I did. Then I finished it off with a tidy little finale to wrap it up into a book. The funny result is actually a more accurate lens of how I view the Tourist’s life than sitting in on and watching the totality of one of her adventures. It’s a book where she is actually just flashing through everyone’s lives on these short stays. What impact does a tourist have on the universe anyways? Maybe more than she thinks, but it’s sometimes impossible to see from her vantage.

To go alongside this whole new view of the Tourist Universe is a big poster. People like posters! I like posters! I never make posters anymore, and that seems like a mistake. So here’s a big 22×17 poster of Tourist Unknown: En Route’s wraparound cover.

Next up! The Canary Cage

Sam Schreyer contacted me earlier in the year about collaborating a comic for Good Boy Magazine #3 So we went and made a comic! Sam on the writing with myself on the illustration. Hard not to be anything but ecstatic with how it came out. Our friends over at Good Boy also gave us the go ahead on releasing our comic as an independent mini-comic first. Which hey cool! We went and slapped some covers on it and made a handsome little issue. It was a super fun project to work on, and you wouldn’t be able to tell this is Sam’s first released comic as her writing really knocks it out of the park. I also really tinkered with my style on this one in some fun ways. I think it’s still very identifiably me, but I’m definitely playing with some different tools. It also let me play in horror corner again Which, as you might be able to tell from my Patreon, is a happy place for me. Don’t be shocked if you see more like this in the future.

Give it a look this Wednesday! And then again when it appears in Good Boy #3. Don’t worry, I’ll probably be annoying about it then too.

So yeah! Big week! Come on back on Wednesday and pick up a comic or two! Maybe a poster while you’re at it!

Final notes on the webcomic!

The contents of En Route that were originally on Patreon will begin posting here the first Thursday of September. Hopefully to entice you into buying that lovely aforementioned print edition.

Now off to go draw something else I haven’t told you about yet! Watch this space on updates on a little something called Otterhead.