Hey y’all! Starting August 8th, Tourist Unknown: This Party’s Dying! will begin posting on weekly on my Patreon. Simplified everything over on those fronts with a simple $5 a month tier. That also gives you access to all the rest of Tourist Unknown: En Route Give it a look and a subscribe.

You can find my Patreon HERE.

Brief State of the Union stuff as well- Tourist Unknown: EN ROUTE is nearly ready as a print book!

Here’s proof! And a proof.

That will probably be available in the fall! Somewhere afterwards the stuff that’s not already on the site will begin posting weekly. Though, as always you’ll be able to skip the wait when you buy the book (or subscribe to the patreon!) I must say I’m quite proud of this edition. Really loved the format of one to two-page stories, it gives the whole volume a nice Sunday Comics compilation kinda vibe. So it’s the definitive road trip and bathroom Tourist Unknown book. The world needs those too.