Couple days ago my good friend, Callum Clayton, surprised me with an absolutely gorgeous drawing of the Tourist. Dare I say it might be my favorite drawing of her? Mine included? He always manages to imbue her with a lot of personality that is completely accurate to the character, but also facets I wouldn’t hit myself. That’s the fun of seeing your characters through another perspective. Feels like you are learning something about them you didn’t entirely mine yourself.

Callum’s also been on a parallel trip with Tourist Unknown long enough that he could track his own evolution of drawing her. Very cool stuff to see.

You can and should follow him and his work over on his twitter.

Also if you want to find his other Tourist Unknown and Tourist related check out Bandit Space Boonies a comic I wrote and Callum illustrated! He really knocks it out of the park. You can find more in the Archives in the Guest Comic section too!