Hey friends! Just one of those event heads up! If you are in Northwest Arkansas and are feeling comfortable with live events, I’ll be a part of the Death Ray Illustration and Print Expo show in Fayetteville, Arkansas this Saturday, October 30th. It’s got a wonderful collection of local artists and comic creators. Like true embarrassment of riches kind of stuff.

It’s also a pretty stellar place to grab some holiday gifts and get them in time to be wrapped. Lot of these folks, myself included, do a lot of the shipping and business end stuff on their own. And it’s looking like one of those years that last minute shipping might be impossible. Though who knows! I might be hermit in the woods, but not one of the seer kinds that can tell the future.

In any case, I’ll have the softcovers and (rapidly dwindling supply of) hardcovers of Volume 1 and 2 as well as En Route #1! Oh and whatever supply I have left of Eve of the Ozarks! And every other table will have just so many cool cool prints, comics, shirts, etc.

So if you are vaxxed up and ready grab a mask and come on down and say hello!