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Backside Air

The famed ski resort of Carapace Mountain finds itself in the grips of the cosmic despot, Lord Taediun. A place of fun and activity has been shut down in Taediun’s quest to stop energy expenditure across the universe.

Two of Carapace Mountain’s residents, Six and Snail, desperately try to find whatever fun they can claw from the alien dictatorship. 

Their wishes maybe granted when a Tourist in need of a bathroom arrives from nowhere.

Another addendum- Tourist Unknown the webcomic will start updating on Thursdays again! The next four will be another Redux and Remaster. And on May 19 Backside Air will start posting a page a week! The one-two page comics that form En Route will move to a Patreon that has not yet gone live, but will be coming very soon.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out BACKSIDE AIR in full for just $3