Well Spa-Con was a blast this year. Got to meet a lot of great folks as well as reaquaint myself with a whole other bunch of great folks. I forget how much I enjoy the bustle of a convention until I’m in the thick of one! Shout out to all the organizers down their in Hot Springs. They do some great work.

Even more exciting is to get to end your first proper Con back with an announcement that you did the art for the posters and branding for next year’s Spa-Con. They wanted retro aliens in hot tubs, and I guess I’m the go to guy for that in Arkansas after Backside Air! I’m pretty jazzed with how it came out. Gunna be surreal to see this on buildings and billboards. Exciting but bizarre!

Also serendipitously in my big week? A new appearance for me on Ozarks at Large. It’s been awhile since I popped up to the local studio and did a radio interview. I go on about Tourist Unknown: En Route, the future of Tourist, and also a bit about the oncoming return of my original comic, Backwood Folk. It’s a good listen thanks to Timothy Dennis doing a great job with questions and editing. Always does a good job making me smart on the air even if I don’t always in the studio!