Hey everyone! Just a heads up that I finally got the digital single issues back up on the store! Directly on site! These include all of the remastered and redrawn pages from the collected editions into friendly DRM-free PDFs. On top of that I did a whole slew of new covers for them. Going forward the single issues are gunna have covers much more in this kinda style. Mostly so I can have fun riffing on whatever genre I’m playing in for that particular book!

Watch this space in the very near future! Like this month near. Because the sixth full story, Backside Air, is on it’s way. Also on it’s way is a big change for the release schedule. Next Sunday will be the last En Route weekly comic update on the Tourist Unknown website for the forseeable future. Now it’s not over, as I still have months of them drawn, but they will be apart of a Patreon I’m building up now. Only years late on jumping on that wagon I know. I’m still working out the specifics, but that’s a coming!

That said, the site will in fact still be active! After En Route completes here I’ll be releasing Backside Air’s digital edition for purchase in full. This will be followed up by another Redux and Rerun of a completely drawn short from Tourist’s first year. Then I’ll start posting Backside Air page by page weekly here!

As always thanks for reading and more to follow!