Hey friends, just a quick heads up! Given Gumroad’s -let’s gently call them- shenanigans today I decided to pull my store from their platform. This only affects the digital editions for the time being as the bigcartel site for the physical books and En Route issues is still up and chugging along! The digital products are gunna be down a bit for just a little bit instead of an immediate move to itch.io or ko-fi or even on the site proper. Fortuitously or annoyingly, I was already working on making updated single issues that included the remastered art of the print volumes with brand new covers. So I’d rather hold off for a hair until all the covers are done before I pull the trigger on launching a whole new digital store! Won’t be too long I reckon. Anyhoo the original stories with original art are still all available in the Archives. The print editions with the remastered art are still available for purchase in the Gift Shop!

In short, new digital single issues of the original run are coming! And they are coming with new covers! See! Here’s the first new cover!

I’m on a pulp sci-fi reading kick, can you tell?

Sorry for the inconvenience! When the new digital storefront is up and ready, y’all will be the first to know! And as per usual thanks for reading!