Let’s cut to the chase and answer that question. The Tourist is out there flailing around time and space and buried deep in some sad bastard sorrow. She has haunted a million booths in the back of countless alien bars repeating an increasingly blurry tale of heartbreak and androids. “Do robots even have hearts?” she asks herself at the end of every telling. Don’t tell her the answer. “No, not technically, but metaphorically!” isn’t the comfort you think it is. Anyways, she stopped listening an hour ago…if she ever really started. But some day, maybe soon, she will pull her bones up and get them to move to the door and out into this world and on to the next. Though, maybe more slowly thanks to the new weight above her brow.

Somewhere else in a place that looks a lot like here there are some big changes coming! It’s been a minute since Tourist has been updated regularly. And it’s gunna be a bit longer. But I think everything will be worth the wait. Some I can announce now, and some in ways I’m gunna wait to spill the beans on.

The big one first. Since getting Goats Go To Hell wrapped I decided it was high time to get these stories put together in a much more accessible way. So I’ve collected *almost* everything into two full volumes.

Volume 1- As Far As Far Away Goes. Which includes Transmissions From The Machine World, Livin’ The Dreamland, Rando, and most of the shorts. This book has been entirely remastered with new coloring, redrawn faces. Heck, almost all of the shorts have been completely redrawn from scratch.

Volume 2- Goats Go to Hell. which is all of Goats Go to Hell. Simple enough.

Both volumes will be available in Hardcover, Softcover, or Digital! And they should be available in late July. Don’t worry, I’ll be very obnoxious about it when they are fully for sale. If I had a solid carnival barker outfit I’d be putting it on.

But that’s not new information if you follow me on literally any social media platform. So what’s the deal? Where is the webcomic? It’s coming! It might be late summer, and it might be somewhere in fall. Though I’m gunna level with you, it will be in a quite different format than what preceded it. But it will be back updating weekly this year. And, if all goes to plan, without these sort of extended hiatuses between chapters. He says in the arena of webcomics where things go notoriously to plan.

If you catch a whiff of reboot in that last paragraph don’t worry. I assure you it’s a different odor entirely. Happy to tell you that I’m also hard at work at what will account for the first story of Volume 3 of Tourist, continuing on from Goats Go To Hell. Though it’s release is that magical and tenuous date of whenever it’s done. But heck, I’m about a third of the way done with the damn thing. So have a peak at TOURIST UNKNOWN- BACKSIDE AIR.

That’s right. We are going to a ski resort in space.

That all said, I don’t intend to leave the site completely dead until all of this drops. I’m gunna keep the blog section running! I’m not exactly sure of the full shape of it, but I do have some ideas in the pocket I want to try out. It seems to be a nice and low stakes way to get back into the habit of writing things without pictures as I’m sure twitter doesn’t really count. But you’ll probably get a mixture of musings on whatever I’m watching and reading, process stuff, and your general dvd special feature type things. You know, the kinda jazz that was the internet’s bread and butter a decade ago. Look, I’m nostalgic for the blogging era of the internet and this site has a built in blog.

Anyways, I know the internet is a graveyard of forgotten webcomics. Lord knows I’ve buried a few myself. But Tourist is sticking around awhile longer. And I can’t wait to show you all some of the wild stuff that’s coming.